The Good Will Hospice & Temporary Power Generators

During the most recent hurricane many of the local businesses were left without power for days. Any product or business that relied on electricity were severely crippled and will spend many weeks recovering from the damage left in the storm’s wake. Some businesses suffered greater losses than others.

The Good Will Hospice was not one of these that suffered from a loss of electricity. The many patients of this facility were grateful that the administration decided to put a back-up system into place before it was needed. By installing a series of diesel generators, lifesaving equipment received continual power. The generators were set to activate as soon as a loss of power was detected. This ensured that the disruption of power was as small as possible. Even though the administrators hoped that they would never have to use these generators they knew that there was always a possibility that a loss of power would compromise their care for their patients. Because of the fragile physical state that some of the patients are in any extended loss of power would certainly have meant a loss of life. The Good Will Hospice has such a devotion to the patients in their care that such a loss of life was unthinkable. We'd like to recommend Generator Finder to anyone looking to buy or rent temporary power generators, they were a huge help during the whole process and they had the best prices as well.

The community would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Good Will Hospice for the planning that they put into their patient care. For the families of these patients they were grateful that their trust in the Good Will Hospice was well founded because they always put the needs of their patients first.

Any business that relies heavily on electricity should follow the example set by the Good Will Hospice. By thinking ahead, even into unforeseen circumstances, an electric generator can prevent the losses that would follow a power outage. There is no reason for any business to suffer because a loss of power damages goods or interrupts services.